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The Village

By Dr. John E. Chapman III

Long ago in a village far away, a little boy yearned for something out of his reach. He wanted the impossible. He wanted to move a mountain. He wanted to move the mountain so badly because as legend would have it, over the mountain there was a green grassy meadow that his village could grow plants to eat and feed his goats and cows so his people would not grow hungry and weak. He asked the elders of the village about this legend. Although they spoke of this land with fascination and awe, when he questioned them about moving the mountain, they laughed and scoffed at his crazy idea. No one moves mountains. The eldest elder spoke up. “Mountains don’t move. This is the way it has always been and the way it is going to be. We have accepted our lot in life.” So, the little boy went back down to his hut with a fire burning low in his belly. Deep inside, he knew there had to be a way to move that mountain. He would never accept hunger when lush green grass was just waiting for him. The need to help feed his family until they were moaning of their stomachs being too full haunted his dreams at night. So, he began to plan.

He worked day and night trying to think of ways to move the mountain. He discussed his ideas with the elders until he wore them down. After many days and hours listening to the boy, the elders finally gave in and told him that he could try anything he wanted as long as he would let them have peace. As he was walking around looking for berries one day, he sat down beside the small stream that ran through the far side of the village. As he thought about the stream, he wondered how it came to be since it seemed to just come out of the mountain. So, he started following the stream. He followed it for a long time until he came to the base of the mountain. The funny thing was, the stream just trickled out of the mountain. So he dug a little ways and then the stream opened up to a small cave. He dug some more. The cave got wider and he was able to get his body inside the opening. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The stream seemed to be flowing from the other side of the mountain! If only he had enough help to dig. He ran back to the village. He was so excited and told his family what he found. They all raced back with him to the stream. His family began digging. They finally saw what he saw. They all ran back to the village and told all the villagers. The elders scoffed. Many villagers scoffed. Mostly because of the fear of the unknown. They were afraid of changing because they were very comfortable in their current way of life, even though they were often hungry.

Many village people were tired of being hungry. The worst thing that could happen would be to find more of the same kind of non-fertile land, but if they were wrong and the legend was true…well, they began to have hope in their future. Several villagers began to share the boy’s belief that something better was just within their reach. They worked hard day and night digging. Some fell ill due to the physical exertion. Some turned around and quit because of the elders constant scoffing and some just gave up because they couldn’t see the vision and got tired. The boy’s family and extended family continued to dig because of their hope for a better life on the other side. They knew that there should be easier ways so tools were made, thoughts turned to ideas and ideas turned to action. New plans were made so they divided up their work efforts. Shifts were taken so family members could rest. The boy’s dream turned into a unified effort that brought the family purpose and bound them tighter together.

After four full moons of effort, the streambed tunnel finally showed a streak of light. Excitement grew tense because the day had come to find out if the legend was true. The family agreed that the little boy should dig the final shovel full of dirt that would release the darkness. As the light was brought forth, and he could see the other side, in his wildest dreams he would have never imagined what his eyes beheld. He laid down his shovel and crawled through the opening with tears streaming down his face. His family thought he shed tears of sadness because he found the land to be the same. Then one by one, they went through to the other side. Not one dry eye was found. There before them was not only the land of green grass, but the biggest lake surrounded by trees nestled in the most beautiful valley! They all gave thanks for making it to the other side where the grass really was greener.

Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to believe in greener grass. We appreciate you sharing the vision and working hard to achieve greatness. Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer. 


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