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Welcome to the Special Education Department for Ennis ISD


We are ready, willing, and able to serve your child’s educational opportunities to meet their individual abilities and needs. The Department's website is intended to provide you an introduction to services and information related to special education.

Phone: (972) 872-7040   Fax: (972) 875-4960

Office hours: 7:30 am- 5:00 pm (Monday – Friday)


Special Education Department

Program Overview

The Ennis Special Education program is based on IDEA of 1997 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997) and the IDEIA of 2004 (Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act of 2004). Compliance with state and federal regulations governing special education is regularly monitored.

Special Education is specially designed instruction delivered through an environment that is appropriate for the child’s needs. It requires that students with disabilities be educated with students who do not have disabilities to the greatest extent possible, unless the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved. A child may have a disability but must also meet the federal definition for educational purposes to be covered under IDEA and found eligible for special education services.

Ennis ISD promotes the collaboration between parents’ understanding of their child and professional educators who have experience and knowledge of best instructional practices. Ennis ISD is committed to providing special education students aged 3 to 21 with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) based upon their unique needs in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) through a continuum of services to promote access to and participation in general education. In Ennis, a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) is available for all children residing within the Ennis Independent School District. We serve a range of students with disabilities including children with Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Deafness, Non-Categorical Early Childhood, Emotional Disability, Auditory Impairment, Specific Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Multiple Disabilities, Other Health Impairment, Orthopedic Impairment, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Visual Impairment.

The Special Education Department of Ennis ISD offers related services to students who are identified as eligible in order to benefit from special education instruction to access their least restrictive educational environment. We also provide transition planning with students beginning at age 14 (or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP team) to assist them in becoming self-advocates and active citizens.

Special Education Staff


Jennifer Nelson 
Director of Special Education


Mandi Chapman
Coordinator of Special Education

Kim Alvarez
Transition Coordinator


Elaine Leamon
Speech Pathologist/Coordinator

Elaine Triplett
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Nicole Graham
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Ashton Russ
Behavior Facilitator

Dusty Laurence
Administrative Assistant/PEIMS Clerk/Records Clerk

Ernestina Alejo
Special Education Secretary Assessment Clerk

Analilia Luna
Special Education Secretary Assessment Clerk


Special Education Home


Ennis Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, activities or employment.

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