• Important Dates and Reminders: 

    Dual Credit grade checks are conducted on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, for each term.  Our two Dual Credit Paras will do a visual grade check in the Dual Credit room (M205), while the face-to-face dual credit teachers will screen course grades.

    Note:  College professors are not able to discuss college grades from dual credit courses with a parent/guardian, unless there is a student signed FERPA release form on file with the student's college.

  • What is Dual Credit?

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    Dual Credit is an option for enrolled EHS high school students to simulataneosly earn college credits and high school credits.

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  • Who is Dual Credit for?

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    Dual Credit courses are an option for all EHS students who meet college entrance exam requirements (TSIA), compete necessary applications/forms, and follow the dual credit guidelines provided by EHS.

    Dual Credit students need to be 'college ready' in reading, writing, and mathematics in order to be eligible to enroll in dual credit college courses. EHS offers the Accuplacer TSIA exam to enrolled students in these three subject areas.

    Currently, EISD partners with Navarro College for Dual Credit courses. The required TSIA scores for Navarro College can be found in the link below.

    Navarro College TSIA Requirements

    Typically, dual credit students have a career and college goal in mind, which motivates them to do well acacemically and get ahead while still in high school. Students who are new to dual credit, or who do not have a career or college plan, may find dual credit challenging in the beginning. The good news is that students who complete their first college course tend to continue on with additional college classes. 

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  • Why take Dual Credit?

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    Why do students at EHS take Dual Credit? 

       - to earn college credit while in high school

       - to gain the experience of taking college classes 

       - to save money and time

       - to have access to EHS staff who provide academic support  

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  • Where is Dual Credit taken?

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    Dual Credit EHS students take their college courses either face-to-face or online through Navarro College of Waxahachie.  The majority of EHS students take their dual credit courses online.

    Students who take their dual credit college classes online meet in a common location at EHS, such as the media center.

    The face-to-face dual credit courses are offered in EHS classrooms by EHS teachers with college level credentials, or by Navarro College staff. 


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  • When do students take Dual Credit?

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    Students take Dual Credit college courses during the school day. Each dual credit course is scheduled into a single class period that meshes with their other high school classes. 

    Dual Credit college courses can begin as early as the 9th grade. Students can take dual credit courses year-round; however the dual credit rates do not apply to the summer courses with Navarro College. 

    There are times when a student may wish to take a Dual Credit course at the Navarro College Waxahachie Campus after school or even on a Saturday. 

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  • How do students enroll into Dual Credit?

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    Step 1. Meet with your grade level counselor.

    Step 2. Apply to Navarro College, and after your welcome email in 7-10 business days, complete the online registration form. 

    Step 3. Make your tuition payment to Navarro College, and purchase any needed textbooks. 

    Step 4. Begin your classes each term (fall, spring, and/or summer). 




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