• Travis Elementary Has A Recycling Program For Certain Items!

    Travis students love to recycle! They have made it a competition to recycle more than the other classes in their grade level. Classes receive points for each correct item recycled. The class with the most points receives incentives such as a popcorn party, popsicles, or extra recess each 9 weeks.


    Items To Collect for Recycling:

    *Clear Cereal Bags (from boxes of cereal)

    *Malt-O-Meal Cereal Bags

    *Crayola Markers + Any brand Of Marker

    *Entermann's Little Bites Muffin Packages

    *Tooth brushes & Toothbush Packages

    *Empty Toothpaste Tubes & Toothpaste Boxes

    *Dental Floss Case 


    *Ink Cartridges (Check Qualifying List) At  www.fundingfactory.com

    (No copier Cartridges, please)


    Recycle Symbol

     Travis Recycles!




  • Travis Elementary Recycles!
    Recycling Items to Collect - Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, dental floss cases
    Febreze Products to Recycle
    Little Bites Packages