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Ennis High School Art Students Create District Christmas Card

Art students in Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Kelly's classes at Ennis High School were asked to create a design for Ennis ISD to use as the 2019 Christmas Card. Out of all submissions received for the Christmas Card Contest, the top three were selected to be featured on this year's card, with first place featured on the front of the card and second and third places featured on the back. In addition to receiving a gift card for their efforts, this Christmas card will be sent to other school districts and community members in Ennis.

Congratulations to all three ladies on their amazing artwork!

Pictured below from left to right: Keyry Alcaraz (3rd Place, Ms. Hamilton's class), Deisy Gonzalez (1st Place, Ms. Kelly's class), Ms. Kelly (Explorative Arts Teacher), and Lesley Nino (2nd Place, Ms. Kelly's class)

Keyry Acaraz, Deisy Gonzalez, Ms. Kelly, and Lesley Nino

2019 Ennis ISD Chistmas card art