• Important Information:
    The following images provide information regarding Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up.
    On school days, North Gaines St will be a One Way, heading South between Denton St. and Belknap St., from 7:00am-8:30am and 3:00pm-4:30pm.
    Please note areas for Buses and Car Riders.
    Please avoid Drop Off or Pick Up on Denton St. due to Buses.
    Parents, please review proper Crosswalk usage with your student.
    Drop Off: Car riders should be dropped off on the curb of Alamo Middle School.
    Pick Up: Parents or Guardians should form a single line along the curb and pull all the way up North Gaines St, to Belknap Street, to provide plenty of space for more cars for pick up.
    We ask for patience, especially in our first days of school. We expect a higher volume of cars these days. As our procedure is learned, we will be more efficient in the morning and afternoon.
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