• Welcome to our historic campus.


    My name is Alex Rendon.  I am the principal of the Alamo Middle School.

    The Alamo Middle School is a campus that serves over four hundred sixth-grade students. The doors of this campus reopened in 2022 to serve the community and are focused in providing our students a unique learning experience.

    The goal of our campus is to continue to grow our students through challenging academics and provide opportunities to become active in extracurricular activities.

    AMS is focused on easing the transition from an elementary to secondary student experience by providing structure to continue self-discipline and also giving some freedom to allow for growth. We aim to produce a child capable of succeeding at the next level.

    Within our daily procedures, we focus our student’s attention on living the Lion Pride Way.  The Lion Pride Way is an Ennis ISD-developed program focusing on the traits, actions, and quotes that aid in building character and leadership.

    We encourage all students to challenge themselves by engaging in all that AMS has to offer.

    Our faculty and staff are here to serve and support you and your family.


    Once A Lion, Always A Lion.


    Alex Rendon, Principal