• Carloop Opens 7:00am to 7:30am

    Morning Drop Off

    Please use Shawnee St. to approach Travis. Turn on Baylor so you can make a right turn into the bus/car loop. When exiting the bus/car loop there are two lanes separated by cones - left lane is for turning left and right lane is for turning right. Please see the map below to see the pattern visually.

    When dropping off in the bus/car loop your child should be ready to get out when you pull up to a Travis staff member. The staff member will open the vehicle door to let your child out. If your child is not ready, please park in a parking spot on Shawnee St. to get them ready before entering the bus/car loop.

    The bus/car loop is for buses and cars. When a bus is unloading, do not go around them. This applies to cars as well.

    Travis Car Flow Traffic Map

    Afternoon Pickup

    There are two lines for picking up students (left and right side of the street). The middle lane is for through traffic only. Teachers have been instructed to not load students if you are in the middle lane.