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    John Peterson, Principal, Bowie Elementary 



    Minnesota State University, Moorhead, B.S.,

    Elementary Education, Minnesota State University, Mankato, M. Ed.,

    Elementary Education, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 6th Year Certificate, Administration

    Elementary Principal, Bowie Elementary, Ennis ISD
    Assistant Principal, Hutcheson Junior High School, Arlington ISD
    Elementary Principal, Morton Elementary, Arlington ISD
    Assistant Principal, Foster Elementary, Arlington ISD
    K-12 Principal, Cedar Mountain Schools, Cedar Mountain ISD (MN)
    Teacher – 1st grade all, Springfield Elementary, Springfield ISD (MN)
    Teacher – 2nd grade all, Springfield Elementary, Springfield ISD (MN)

     Philosophy of Education:

    Mr. Peterson’s educational philosophy includes equal portions of building relationships with students and parents, sound instructional technique, good management and hard work.  He believes that any student can learn but you have to find out what makes that student “tick” in order to bring out success.  He can’t wait to meet the students at Bowie!


    Mr. Peterson currently lives in Arlington, where he resides with his family.  Rachael, grew up in Arlington and currently teaches at the high school level.  According to Peterson, she is the best teacher he has ever seen.  Mr. Peterson has two children.  Jarod, who is a KState graduate in Wildlife Outdoor Enterprise Management, and Courtney, who is completing her senior year at the University of Miami and studying Psychology in a pre Med track.  Both of his children love to fish and he loves his time sharing the outdoors with them.  Pride is an understatement when Mr. Peterson thinks of his family.

    Mr. Peterson began teaching in elementary school 31 years ago.  He taught 2nd grade for five years and 1st grade for four years before completing his Masters in Elementary Education and Administrative sixth year to become an administrator.  He moved to Texas with his family, working at the administration level.  His goals include serving the staff and students at Bowie Elementary, working towards another degree, and guiding his children through college, life and beyond.  Mr. Peterson loves to be involved in anything in the outdoors and is especially fond of many kinds of hunting and fishing.