• Ennis ISD creates bus sops using the following criteria.

    • Eliminate students crossing busy streets at elementary levels and reduce the number of students crossing at secondary levels.
    • Provide students with the ability to stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus.
    • Locate the stops to maximize visibility for both students and traffic (100' minimum visibility).
    • Place the stops in locations way from non-traffic hazards such as railroad tracks and commercial areas.
    • Avoid stops in cul-de-sacs to minimize accident risks caused by buses backing up to turn around.
    • Place stops on streets with as little traffic as possible.
    • Create buffer zones between students and the bus both in the neighborhoods and the schools.

Student Conduct

  • Rules for student conduct on school buses are available in the Bus Rider Safety Handbooks. The following list is posted on all buses.

    • Stay in your seat and remain seated at all times.
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus (water only).
    • Use inside voices. No yelling.
    • Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.

    Students failing to follow the posted bus rules will be subject to progressive discipline by the driver and school. The driver will first remind the student of the infraction and ask for the student to obey the rules. If the student refuses to obey the rules the driver will either move the student to another seat in the bus and/or write a safety report. Student discipline generated by a safety report is handled by the Transportation Department and/or school administration.


  • The most dangerous times during a school bus ride are while loading and unloading passengers. It is critical that students are visible to the driver and out of the bus danger zones when the bus is approaching the bus stop. This rule applies to loading and unloading both in the neighborhoods and at schools. If students must cross the street, they should move immediately out of the danger zone and proceed at least 15 feet in front of the bus before crossing the street.

Safety Reports

  • Ennis ISD Transportation Department's goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation services. Disciplinary action is handled in a progressive manner as follows.

    • The driver verbally instructs students to correct behavior.
    • If incorrect behavior continues, the driver will re-assign the seat.
    • Repeated misconduct will result in a safety report filed to the Transportation Department and/or campus administration.
    • Multiple safety reports may lead to suspension of bus privileges.

    For more detailed information on bus conduct and student discipline, please see the Ennis ISD Bus Rider Safety Handbook.