• Our Early Childhood Campuses are Carver Early Childhood Center and Crockett Early Childhood Center.  They both house our PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes.  These classes provide our students with opportunities to develop a solid academic foundation prior to entering the elementary school years.

Want A HEAD START On Education?

  • Would you give your child a head start on education if you could? The Ennis Independent School District is providing just that to eligible students in the district. Ennis ISD has partnered with the Region 10 Education Service Center to provide classes under the federally funded Head Start Program. Ennis currently has five Head Start classes every Monday through Friday from 7:45 am until 3:00 pm to service income-eligible three and four-year-olds and their families. In recognizing that parents are the most important teachers a child will ever have and that home is the most important classroom in a child’s life, Head Start not only educates the student but works with the family. Head Start provides to each student free school supplies, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well as parent training to help assist families, as needed.

    Each classroom is staffed with a certified teacher and a trained Instructional Assistant so that the adult to student ratio in the classroom is 1:9. Our Head Start program uses the Texas Education Agency’s PreKindergarten Guidelines and the Ennis ISD adopted FrogStreet curriculum resource for students to have a fun hands-on learning experience.

    In addition to academics, Head Start also offers many enrichment activities for students. Students get to participate in various programs such as field trips off-campus, exploring our community, dental health training, fire safety training, and many other additional opportunities for student and parent involvement and engagement.

    Head Start encourages the participation of parents in their child’s education by holding monthly parent meetings, publishing a monthly newsletter (put together by a parent), working with parents through parent committees and Policy Council. Head Start also uses self-assessment group discussions to maintain the quality of the program and holds parent education sessions on subjects requested by the parents. Parents are welcome to volunteer in the Head Start program. Training is held for each of these opportunities to make participation less intimidating and more productive for the parents, the school, and the program.

    Head Start accepts applications all year long. Students must be three years old by September 1st. In order to give your child a Head Start on learning, please pick up an application at the Head Start Office at Carver ECC, 600 E. Martin Luther King, or give us a call at 972-872-3743 with questions about the program. Head Start has numerous employees on campus and through Region 10 who are available to assist families in numerous ways. 

Pre-K Program

  • Our four-year-old PreK program is a comprehensive full-day program offered to qualifying families. Parents are responsible for their children arriving and being picked up promptly. The school times are 7:45-3:00. 

    • Requirements for Free PreK
      • Children must be age 4 on or before September 1, and meet one of the following:
        • Unable to speak or comprehend the English language fluently
        • Have an identified disability
        • Child of a person on active military duty
        • Identified as homeless
        • Currently in or have been in foster care

    If your child is unable to speak or comprehend the English language fluently, they may qualify for the Bilingual/ESL Program.  Please bring your child with you to registration for bilingual testing.

    A tuition-based PreK program is also available for those who do not qualify to attend free. The fee is $2900. Parents pay a $50 deposit and choose one of three payment options: ten payments of $285 per month, two payments of $1,425, or one payment of $2,850.

    Required Documentation to Register:

      • Birth certificate- original copy
      • Immunization record (up to date)
      • Social Security card- original copy
      • Proof of residence (utility bill)
      • Proof of income (most recent four pay stubs or tax return) PreK & Head Start ONLY

    Children who already meet the enrollment requirements for the current school year are encouraged to enroll now.

    For more information on PreKindergarten, please contact the campus principal at Carver ECC or Crockett ECC.

    Head Start classes are also available for qualifying students. Head Start classes are located at the Carver Early Childhood Center, 600 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. For more information on Head Start, call 972-872-3743.

  • Our Kindergarten Program is available to all incoming students that are 5 by September 1st.  The school times are 7:45-3:00.  Kindergarten students are eligible for transportation.  If parents would like for their child to ride the bus, see the Transportation Website

    Required Documentation to Register:

      • Birth certificate- original copy
      • Immunization record (up to date)
      • Social Security card- original copy
      • Proof of Residence (utility bill)
      • Proof of income (most recent 4 pay stubs or tax return) Pre-K & Head Start ONLY