• The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2024 at its April 2022 meeting to call for science, grades K–12; technology applications, grades K–8; Personal Financial Literacy and Economics; and several CTE courses.  The SBOE is scheduled to adopt materials for Proclamation 2024 in November 2023. The adopted materials will go into classrooms in the 2024–25 school year.

    We believe it is our mission to select instructional materials that…

    • Align with the TEKS & support Student Expectations (SEs)
    • Support the district’s instructional scope and sequence/Balanced Literacy vision
    • Encourage the development of increased rigor in classroom instruction as measured by assessments
    • Support in the design of student work that is engaging, enhancing, and extending
    • Support technology literacy and integration
    • Provide additional needed curriculum resources aligned to new adopted TEKS
    • Enhance instruction to sustain the district’s journey over time
    • Support our district’s mission: The Ennis Independent School District (ISD) shall be an educational institution that continuously challenges and stimulates its students.