• Elementary Academics

    Ennis ISD's elementary academics serve children from kindergarten to third grade for the Elementary Schools and fourth grade through sixth grade for the Intermediate Schools. Our goal is to provide the foundation on which junior high and high school curriculum expand.  In our elementary schools, we teach children to read and write from kindergarten through second grade. Starting in third grade, your student will begin to read to learn. In addition to the four core subjects (Mathematics, English Language Arts & Reading, Science, and Social Studies), your child will also have opportunities to learn about health and fitness, digital information literacy, instrumental and vocal music, and many other things.

  • Elementary Literacy

    Ennis ISD recognizes the importance of developing proficient readers and writers in the early years. The elementary literacy program may be best characterized as a balanced one including the following components:

    • teacher read aloud,
    • shared reading,
    • word study activities,
    • guided reading,
    • independent reading,
    • modeled writing,
    • shared writing, and
    • independent writing.

    Critical features of the program include individual student assessment, literacy-based professional development for teachers, and the implementation of research-based instructional strategies.

  • Elementary Social Studies

    The Ennis ISD Social Studies curriculum for creates the foundation of concepts through learning the basic concepts of geography and map skills, community concepts and basic government, and fundamental histories of Texas, the United States of America, and the world.  Social Studies provides the opportunity for the students to discover a wonderful world beyond the four walls of their classroom.

  • Elementary Math

    Ennis ISD's elementary math curriculum promotes meaningful learning for all students through a comprehensive program.

    Our program is committed to maximizing the learning of mathematics in which students are engaged in the process of making sense of mathematics, developing conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, application of strategies for solving meaningful problems, and working as a community of learners to develop problem-solving skills.

  • Elementary Science

    The Ennis ISD science curriculum is based on the belief that children learn most effectively through hands-on investigations. Our curriculum contains lessons on earth, life, and physical sciences.  Lessons introduce the appropriate vocabulary, allow the child to explore concepts and skills through investigations or activities, and provide for authentic assessment. Students at all grade levels utilize journals to record data, reinforce scientific vocabulary, and reflect on science concepts.